HeartHealing™ Hypnosis

with Esmerelda

I’m Esmeralda, a Rapid Transformational Coach, specialising in Self-love and Confidence activation for Women. I am best known for my nurturing intuitive work that empowers women to positively transform their lives by rewriting their stories. 

I help women transition with ease from working - parent / carer – to working again. 

As someone who has been on a similar journey to the many women I work with, I too had to find ways of boosting my own self-esteem and confidence after a long absence from work after the birth of my daughter. 

I share with you first-hand, my knowledge, as well as equip you with the tools and skills to overcome such obstacles and find yourself again. 

I am an expert at activating your next level of confidence by releasing fears, anxiety, past conscious and subconscious wounds that are keeping you stuck, using my most successful tools which include Hypnotherapy (Rapid Transformational Therapy™, HeartHealing™),  Coaching, Reiki, Inner Child Work 

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email  fiona@sunclinic.co.uk