Shamanic Healing

Constandia Christofi has completed the Shamanic Healing The Light Body Program at ‘The Four Winds Society’

(Alberto Villoldo).


Our physical body is surrounded by a luminous energy body that holds the imprint of all of our past experiences.

An Illumination is one of the techniques that I use from the Q’ero shamans of Peru, to clear the energy and heal the wounds that keep us held in our past. Shamanic healing helps to release old patterns and implement new patterns that support your personal transformation from the limited you into the unlimited you with infinite possibilities.

A New Vision plan with meditations and guidance on heart-brain coherence is tailored to your personal journey to wholeness and wellbeing.


Shamanic session, 1 hr £70

The Sun Clinic, 1 The Foundry, St George’s Mews, Brighton, BN1 4EU

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