Shamanic Healing

with Constandia


Constandia Christofi has completed the 'The Light Body Program' at the (Alberto Villodo PhD) 'Four Winds Society’,

 & the 'Progressive Course in Brain/Heart Coherence Meditation', by Dr Joe Dispenza.

Dandy says..."Our physical body is surrounded by a luminous energy body that holds the imprint of all of our past experiences.

An Illumination is one of the techniques that I use from the Q’ero shamans of Peru, to clear the energy and heal the wounds that keep us held in our past.

A Shamanic Healing session involves healing from past trauma and applying brain/heart coherence to promote continued self healing. This unique combination supports your personal transformation from the limited you into the unlimited you with infinite possibilities."

A New Vision plan is tailored to your personal transformation and healing journey.

Includes one to one meditations to maintain focus and continued self-healing.

Initial session 1hr £90

Follow up: 1 hr £70

Call to book - 01273 757 445