The Sun Clinic

Shamanic Healing

Constandia Christofi  has completed the 'Healing The Light Body' Program at the 'Four Winds Society’, created by Dr Alberto Villodo and the 'Progressive Course in Brain/Heart Coherence Meditation' by Dr Joe Dispenza.

Shamanic Healing is the oldest form of healing known to man. The energy medicine techniques that I use come from the Q’ero shamans of Peru, the descendants of the Inka.

Our physical body is surrounded by a luminous energy body that holds the imprint of all of our past experiences.

An Illumination is one of the techniques I use to clear the energy stuck in the luminous energy body. Once we begin clearing the blockages in the energy body, we can then begin to heal the wounds that keep us held in our past.

Shamanic Healing involves healing from your past and brain/heart coherence meditation continues your self healing ability.

This unique combination supports your personal transformation from the limited you, into the unlimited you with infinite possibilities.

A Shamanic Healing session clears the energy stuck in the energy body and Brain/Heart coherence meditation begins the healing of the past self. Letting go of the thoughts, behaviours and beliefs that bind you to those past emotions, is the beginning of a powerful transformation into your future self.

Every session is tailored to your own personal healing journey, with energy healing and a self-healing meditation. Includes a New Vision Map to help integrate your session.

Initial session 1.5 hr £90

Follow up: 1 hr £70