Meet the Team





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Fiona is the owner of the Sun Clinic.

Originally a nurse, she has been an Acupuncturist since completing her BSc Ac in 2011.


 She runs a general practice specialising in pain,  pregnancy/fertility, and micro-needling for facial rejuvenation and scar reduction.



Deep tissue Massage 

Yoga Teacher

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Bex is a yoga teacher and incorporates meditation/energy work and gentle stretching into her client's massage sessions.


She also makes bespoke massage oils, which we sell at the clinic.





Raw Chocolate maker

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Dandy is a nutritionist, Shaman, and Feng Shui practitioner.

She owns "Dandys' Raw Choc" company. Her chocolate is sold at the clinic and at various shops around Brighton. 

Dandy runs various wellbeing workshops including weekly meditation classes 

at the clinic.



Heart Healing Hypnosist

Reiki Practitioner

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Esmeralda is a qualified Hypnotherapist (HeartHealing™️, Rapid Transformational Therapy™️), Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Energy Healer.

Esmeralda helps women who feel frustrated at work and physically and emotionally exhausted by habitual over-giving to have the confidence to pursue their own dreams and create harmony between their needs and those of others.



Massage Therapist

Breathwork Teacher

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Hannah strongly believes that everyone’s access to inner healing lies within them and in their connection to others, the earth and energy. 

Her teaching journey started as a Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher, a practice that adopted a somatic (body-oriented) approach to vinyasa flow and Hatha Yoga. 

Finding Conscious Breathwork in Bali in 2015, she completed her breathwork training with The Alchemy Of Breath in 2016, also studying with Giten and the Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma release Institute.

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Advanced Clinical Massage 

Hot stone massage

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Nicky is a Jing Method advanced clinical massage therapist.  She is also qualified in Jing Method advanced myofascial release and hot stone fusion massage. 

Nicky’s massages are an excellent choice for treating chronic pain conditions and injury. They are also super relaxing. 

Things Nicky can help with include whiplash, sciatica, RSI's, shoulder injuries, stiff neck, back pain, pulled muscles and sprains, plantar fasciitis, headaches and migraines,

chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hypermobility,

stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Nicky offers treatments with and without hot stones.

She says…“Both are great, but for chronic pain conditions and overloaded nervous systems, I recommend hot stones. The body relaxes and quickly lets me in to work more deeply. Tight muscles literally melt!”



Holistic Massage 

Facial Cupping/Massage

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 Zoey offers Intuitive holistic massage and is a facial cupping practitioner.

"Being on my own healing journey and facing issues as a woman, a mother of two girls and as a human being, I understand how important

it is to feel supported.

Massage has massively supported me on my journey, helping me to ease physical tension, but most importantly,helping me calm my mind and release emotional baggage."